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L. plantarum LPLDL

LPLDL® significantly reduces LDL cholesterol in normal to mildly hypercholesterolaemic adults and reduces blood pressure


Helps the body recover faster after intense training by lowering exercise-induced oxidative stress. In addition, SYNBIO® increases the plasma’s antioxidant biological potential improving the gastrointestinal functions and pimproving tiredness sensation and gastrointestinal well being and reducing susceptibility to illness


Significantly reduces allergy sensitization to house dust mite

B.coagulans BC 4

BC 4 significantly reduce the incidence of recurrent aphthous ulcers

K. marxianus fragilis B0399

B0399 improves halitosis by reducing volatile sulphur compounds

B.coagulans BC 4

Administration of BC 4 to children results in a significant reduction of the cariogenic microorganism Streptococcus mutans

L. rhamnosus LB21

LB21 reduces caries development and the number of days with antibiotic treatment by 60% in preschool children

L. rhamnosus SP 1

Regular intake of SP 1 reduces the caries occurrence

L. reuteri LR 92

Maternal prenatal supplementation with probiotic L. reuteri LR 92 during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy can prevent the occurrence and reduce the severity of infantile colic