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Probiotic Applications

Microbes present within your body are essential for the life. Small yet incredibly powerful, every probiotic strain can support us everyday conferring beneficial effects in different ways. At Sacco System, we offer probiotic solutions with superior efficacy, demonstrated in human clinical trials in many different applications.


Gastrointestinal health

Trillions of bacteria live in your body, especially your large intestine. Some of these microorganisms cause disease, while others fight it, and you need a proper balance of good and bad bacteria to promote good health. When this balance is thrown off, problems ensue. That’s when probiotics can be helpful.

Immune Health

60 to 70 percent of the body’s immune cells are located in the gut, meaning it functions as the immune system’s “control tower” while still serving as a digestive organ. Probiotics have demonstrated the ability to boost innate immunity as well as reinforcing acquired immunity through different mechanism of actions.


Skin Health

The “skin–gut axis” provides a new avenue to investigate the association between intestinal flora and the skin. Modulated aberration of gut microbes leads to a wide variety of inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne vulgaris, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Probiotic supplementation, has demonstrated a potential role in the prevention and management of various skin conditions.

Women’s Health

The female vagina is colonized by a diverse array of microorganisms that are part of the normal vaginal ecosystem.. Lactobacillus is the most frequently isolated microorganism from a healthy human vagina. Disruption of the vaginal ecosystem contributes to overgrowth of pathogens which causes complicated vaginal infections, such as bacterial vaginosis (BV), sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC). Probiotics may contribute to maintaining and restoring a healthy vaginal microbiome.


Children & Infant Health

The gut microbiota of healthy children displays functional and taxonomic differences with respect to those of adults. Childhood may provide additional opportunities for microbiota-based interventions, including probiotic supplementation, to promote health or prevent microbiota deviation.

Oral Care

The oral microbiota represents an important part of the human microbiota and has an important function to protect against colonization of harmful bacteria that are the main cause of caries, gingivitis and periodontitis. Probiotics are natural solutions that helps in removing unwanted bacteria, restoring oral health.



Allergy is caused by an immune reaction that is out of all proportion to a stimuli that has entered the body. Intestinal flora may be a contributor to allergic disease due to its substantial effect on mucosal immunity Probiotics therefore, may be able to assist in helping the allergic response of the body.


Sports that require physical endurance can affect the health conditions of both elite athletes and nonprofessional enthusiasts in various ways. For such athletes, probiotics may play important roles in functions such as antioxidant activity, gut balance restoration and immunity.


Cardiovascular health

Recent studies showed how gut microbiota dysbiosis is related to the pathogenesis of several cardiovascular diseases. Probiotics may restore a healthy intestinal microbial balance resulting in the treatment or prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Probiotic solutions to support people’s health and wellbeing

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