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probiotics toll manufacturing

Custom Fermentation Services

We offer a complete strain Toll Manufacturing services to strain owners, with their own Probiotic cell banks​. Sacco System, with a knowhow built in more than 70 years in the bacterial fermentation industry, is able to support from strain development, thanks to our in-house Bioprocessing Team, to large scale commercial batches in the cutting-edge probiotic facility.

Our production process

We combine tailor made services with cutting-edge technologies
for the development and industrialization of probiotic strains.

production process - custom fermentation services - Probiotics by Sacco System
research & development - custom fermentation service - Probiotics by Sacco System

Research & Development

The in-house R&D team, with dedicated microbiology, molecular biology and bioprocessing team, togheter with the extended network of collaborations with Universities allow us to offer a complete list of services to our customers. Let Sacco System team to take care of your probiotics strains when you can focus on your business activities.

strains bank - custom fermentation service - Probiotics by Sacco System

Strains Bank

Probiotic strains are our most valuable asset. We take care to characterize and provide a unique ID to our and our partners’ strains before entering them into the cell bank. Relying on strict procedures and high quality control we can guarantee to always provide our partners with the same quality level of each Probiotic strain, mantaining its unique properties.

pilot plant - custom fermentation service - Probiotics by Sacco System

Pilot Plant

Development and continuous improvements of our probiotic manufacturing process is the core of Sacco System. We have in-house dedicated pilot plants for each facility and our bioprocess teams work closely related with the R&D and the production to guarantee a robust and reliable production process.

Pilot plant work is focused on offering products that satisfy our clients in terms of quality, but also being agile to reduce the time to the market.

production - custom fermentation service - Probiotics by Sacco System


With 5 manufacturing centres with food certification and 3 of them being approved under Pharmaceutical GMP across all Sacco System group, our company is able to support partners needs all across the globe. The cutting-edge facilities were specifically designed for bacterial fermentation.

Every detail of the plant has been strategically designed to offer probiotics manufactured with the highest standard in terms of quality, purity and safety. The wide range of fermentation equipments allow Sacco System to offer flexible services in terms of scalability, always mantaining the same standards.

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