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Six curiosities about Probiotics

1) Our microbiota weighs about 1,5 kg, more than brain and heart. This is an extimation considering that more than 100 trillions of bacteria inhabiting our body. We have more bacteria than cells with a 10:1 ratio, so we can consider ourselves not a pluricellular organism but a real ecosystem. 2) Probiotics are responsible for […]

Lactiplantibacillus plantarum P8 alleviates stress and anxiety and improves cognitive function

Stress is a psychological and physical response to challenges and demands that under some conditions can stimulate us and guide us in solving problems, known as eustress. However, in many cases stress can come from emotionally challenging experiences or seemingly minor and routine everyday life events, from a traffic jam to tight work deadlines, that when accumulated can be detrimental to our health.

Probiotics for the Health and Well-Being of People

Probiotics for the Health and Well-Being of People Probiotics have been shown to effective at the incidence of infant colic when administered during pregnancy. In particular Lactobacillus reuteri LR 92 supplementation during the last 4 weeks of pregnancy can prevent the occurrence and reduce the severity of infantile colic: Mothers who received placebo were 2.36 [...]

Biotech Production Process – Sacco System

The Industrial manufacturing of probiotics. Science and technology provide a comprehensive set of useful tools to tackle many challenges encountered during the development of the industrial manufacturing of probiotics. The development of the fermentation is not limited to the choice of media formulation to guarantee best yields but starts with the strategic sourcing of raw [...]